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Designing Custom Solutions for the Corporate Business Travel Industry for over 25 years.

Celebrating 25 years in the Travel Industry

Designing Custom Solutions for over 25 Years!

For over 25 Years, Sector Micro Computer, Inc. has designed custom solutions for Corporate Business Travel Agencies and will continue to do so for the Travel Industry. Our unique understanding of technologies working with travel enable us to provide a level of agency systems integration unsurpassed by any other back-office vendor enabling full support for your internal business processes.

Combining our experience and knowledge of technology for the travel industry and producing better solutions.
  • Business Process Analysis & Consulting
  • Application Design and Implementation
  • Installation, Testing and Training
We specialize in database related applications for client-server environments, and web.
  • Back-Office accounting applications
  • Back-end database applications
  • Web services with database and application integration
  • Client-server applications
  • Website design
We support a wide variety of accepted industry standard software language platforms and technologies.
  • HTML5/js (Javascript)
  • Node.js
  • Microsoft .NET Framework (C#,
  • DataFlex
  • EXtensible HyperText Markup Language (XHTML) & Extensible Markup Language (XML)
  • Server Side Scripting: Active Server Pages (ASP), Structured Query Language (SQL),...
  • Web Services, Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)
  • Databases: MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle, Pervasive SQL, Btrieve, MongoDB
  • Crystal Reports

For more information about our Custom Programing Services, please Contact Us for an Application Build Analysis.

The Automated Invoicing System (AIS) provides Corporate Business Travel Agents with a simplified and "hands free" method of sending out invoices and itinerary information for booked travel services to customers or clients through the Alpha Accounting System. When an agent submits a request for an invoice to be sent out, the Alpha Accounting System will in turn retrieve the appropriate information for that customer (Air, Hotel, Car Segments) and use this to generate the invoice/itinerary to be sent out to clients. This generated invoice will then be placed on queue to be picked up by the AIS process. Finally, the AIS process will pick up this invoice and send it to the appropriate customers via email. The following diagram describes this process:

Automated Invoicing/Itinerary

Aside from the standard invoices, customers can also receive exception notifications, and notifications of a non-refundable ticket if necessary.

The following is a brief summary of what features are provided in this Automated Invoicing System:

  • AIS can send to customers the following: Standard Invoices, Exeception Notifications, Notifications of Non-Refundable Tickets.
  • Send invoices to agents in the following formats: Standard Text Format, HTML or PDF
  • Customizable appearance of the invoice (your corporate logo, links to your corporate website, etc...)

For further details of this service, please contact Sector Micro Computer.

As part of our flagship product: Alpha Accounting System, Sector Micro Computer provides an Automated GDS Receiver Service designed to transfer and load your data from one or more GDS into the Alpha Accounting System.

Our GDS Receiver will listen for incoming data from a GDS which it will then format, merge and place as IUR files in queue to be loaded into alpha. Our GDS Receiver is designed to work with the following GDS:

  • Amadeus
  • Worldspan
  • Apollo

One of the advantages of using our GDS Receiver opposed to traditional serial communications is that it minimizes the loss of data in the event of an interrupt of service, such as a network disconnect. Our GDS receiver is also fully customizable in how IUR files are created, ranging from merging data into a single file for pickup, to what type of naming convention should be used for transferred files.

Our GDS Receiver can be used in a one-to-many, many-to-many, or many-to-one environment. For example, in a many-to-one transfer environment, multiple receivers can be used for preparing and transferring data received from both SABRE and Worldspan at the same time to a single queue to be picked up by the Alpha Loader.

Once these data files are placed in queue, the Alpha Loader, the second automated process of this Service, the GDS Loader will parse the data and store data pertaining to AIR, NON-AIR, CAR and HOTEL into the Alpha Accounting Database. The following diagram outlines how this service will work:

GDS Integration Process

For further information regarding this service, please contact Sector Micro Computer.

The objective of the Currency Exchange Rate Automation Process (SMC CERU) is to keep your accounting system database up to date with the latest currency exchange rate information, supplied by one or more trusted and authentic financial institutions via web services.

With our software, you are supplied with a list of over 100+ currency codes to retrieve exchange rates for. However you can filter out what currency codes which you don't need for your accounting system, or add new ones if you wish. You can also specify what type of web service from a financial institution you would like to use either a free web service or paid for. You may even specify the interval at which this automated process can invoke the web services for the desired exchange rate information.

The following diagram outlines how this process will work with your accounting system:

SMC Currency Exchange Rate Process

For further information regarding this service, please contact Sector Micro Computer.